Track Roller Seals

Highlights and Benefits
Type ES100 Floating Seal
The ES100 drifting seal was created as a seal for the Type ES100
Seal Cross Section track rollers utilized in development apparatus and
vehicles. It is straightforward in development, comprising of O-rings and
drifting seats made of unique cast iron. Its exhibition is reliant
on the fixing capacities and versatile bending of the O-rings, as
the drifting seats are upheld by the O-rings.
The seal viably prohibits sand, soil, and water and is generally
utilized in tractor and earthmover underside applications. The
ES100 is by and large the most well-known and most financially savvy
arrangement, however requires exact machining of the lodging bore.
ES100 Seal Construction
The seal seat is an exceptional compound solid metal. The O-ring part is
standard material NBR A627, or discretionary materials, FKM F201 and
HNBR G969.
Determinations Standard Material
y Lubricant strain inside seal depression: 2kg/cm2, greatest
y Circumferential speed: 2m/sec., greatest
y Temperature range: – 40°C to 100°C
y Fluid held: greasing up oil
y Foreign material barred: soil, sand, mud, water, and so on
y Sizes: 38mm to 429mm (inside distances across)
Type ES764 Floating Seal
A sister result of the sort ES100 seal, the ES764 considers a
more straightforward lodging plan and development. The lodging is simpler to
machine, however really lodging space is required and less tooled
sizes are accessible. This economy of configuration gives diminished
fabricating costs in rural hardware and other field
The ES764 has a higher strain ability and reach analyzed
to the sort ES100 seal. The sort ES764 seal uses an Track Roller Manufacturers exceptional wingform elastomeric loading with drifting seats made of extraordinary composite
cast iron.
ES764 Seal Construction
The seal seat is an extraordinary combination solid metal. The O-ring part is
standard material NBR A627.
Details Standard Material
y Lubricant tension inside seal hole: 3kg/cm2, greatest
y Circumferential speed: 2m/sec., most extreme
y Temperature range: – 40°C to 100°C
y Fluid held: greasing up oil
y Foreign material rejected: soil, sand, mud, water, and so forth
y Sizes: 35mm to 96mm (inside widths)

C.R. track rollers are impassively utilized
both in dealing with and iron industry.
They are likewise utilized for:

Machine devices
Multiblade marble and rock shaper looms
Bottle filling and pressing machines.

Practically speaking, C.R. heading cover the entire scene of mechanics,
guaranteeing both specialized dependability and creation congruity,
particularly in the scope of enormous size course,
related to the RSU series.

The fundamental quality of this series of rollers is the high thickness of the external ring, which is reasonable to bear high explicit tensions and the pushes inferring structure the utilization of these headings as strain rollers, cam supporters, transport line rollers, direction for fork lift poles.

Other significant highlights of these headings are:
External ring with twofold line of the rollers acquired totally and precisely crushed to permit the roller to bear loads with pivotal parts. The ring is normally cambered on the external part, to work on working condition with weighty burdens and to forestall the convergence of burden onto side groups of the raceway. On demand, C.R. can supply rollers with barrel shaped external surface.
Internal ring with openings and channels for the inflow of oils.
Crushed push rings, which structure a maze security framework, alongside steel fixing sheets constrained on the external ring. One of the horizontal push rings can be a shut pushed ring, to permit the fixing of the rollers at the edge of the shaft.
Full-supplement of crushed level head rollers.
Resistance of execution as indicated by ordinary class, probability of exceptional execution as per class P5 (DIN 620).

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