Sealmaster® Solution

The contender’s bearings on the transport tail pulley flopped each four to about a month and a half. The bearings were presented to dampness and limestone dust, making the bearings bomb when this blend went through the bearing’s seals.

Sealmaster MST-47 metal rollers outfitted with a twofold lip contact seal were introduced on the transport. The Sealmaster bearings kept on performing admirably at 90 days. The client supplanted any remaining bombed bearings with the Sealmaster item.


Spiral stacker building heaps of 3/8″ limestone for appropriation.

Arrangement Type

Cost investment funds through expanded uptime, diminished Aggregate bearing supplier support, work, and part substitutions.

Key Customer needs and advantages

Expanding uptime to a while from 4 a month and a half has extraordinarily further developed efficiency. Additionally, support work and new part costs were decreased in light of the fact that the Sealmaster bearings endured any longer.

Bearing with Double Lip Contact Seal

Highlights and Benefits

Sealmaster® mounted metal balls with setscrew securing are accessible a wide assortment of highlights:

Inch bore size from 1/2″ to 4 15-16″

Metric bore size from 20mm to 100mm

10 lodging styles

Standard and medium-obligation series

Wide external ring configuration gives expanded oil ability to grease up the bearings.

Hostile to revolution – pin and dimple framework keeps the bearing OD from creep/turn because of vibration over the long haul while giving a full ±2″ of static misalignment.

Direct lube – pin and dimple framework gives an immediate oil way into bearing, disposing of the need to channel oil around an oil groove normal on standard mounted metal roller units.

Twofold lip contact seal made of two arrangements of nitrile elastic washer in metal cover intended to adjust drag and insurance; see Sealmaster custom select.

Dark oxide standard on inward/external rings and seal parts restrains consumption.

Zone solidified inward race gives a completely solidified ball way while leaving the race expansions unhardened, permitting better setscrew holding power.

Length through bore is longer than most contenders for more noteworthy shaft solidness.

Land-riding metal retainer has high strength, limits grating and gives oil flow.

120° adjusted setscrew position three-point adjusted contact that limits vibration, lessens commotion and works on the dependability of the shaft gathering.

Exactness made, precious stone faceted setscrews improve bracing and oppose retreating.

Strong base, pad block, cast iron lodging gives further developed security and protection from shock and vibration.

Lasting metal nameplate takes into account simple recognizable proof following quite a while of activity.

Plant loaded up with lithium complex NLGI 2 oil.

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