International Rolling Mills

Established over thirty years prior in Pawtucket, RI, USA, International Rolling Mills, Inc. utilizes the most recent innovation when creating trustworthy and accuracy rolling mills. Every item is totally customized to our customer’s particular necessities.

Combined with our line of new hardware, we convey a stock of the best American-made, completely reconditioned, rolling mills, like Fenn, Ruesch, Stanat, and Waterbury Farrrel.

Attempting to supply the best technique to conservative all types of powder on a substrate, basically for the new period of battery plates, International Rolling Mills knows the significance of close resilience thickness and thickness. To give more prominent precision all through the whole length and from one edge to another of the strip, we have designed a substantially more exact rolling mill that is not normal for some other available today. Our plan permits us to assemble a mill that is exceptionally minimal for its ability and we can supply a mill with pressing factor and exactness hole control simultaneously. In view of this, the entirety of our rolling mill hardware can be modified to take into account your particular creation needs.

The primary item Prater (once Prater Pulverizer) created was a mallet mill, and since that time our organization has offered a huge number of sledge mills to clients in different enterprises. For more than 90 years, we have depended on cutting edge innovation to appropriately design our mills for new applications. Prater keeps on giving answers for the absolute most requesting handling difficulties with our creative plans, industry skill, and headways that give a more limited stand by to your business’ profit from venture. Our sledge mills are regularly utilized for various molecule decrease applications, including those that require high limits, outrageous force effectiveness, and uniform molecule size.

With a Prater hammer mill, you can build the mill’s throughput limit without expanding its force prerequisites. Organizations both huge and little depend on Prater for proficient milling china Rolling mill bearing arrangements and demonstrated skill.


Prater hammer mills are the chief decision for applications requiring high limits, functional effectiveness, and uniform molecule size appropriations. Every one of the five Prater Full-Screen hammer mills are furnished with our restrictive Full-Screen plan that upgrades finished result quality while at the same time expanding unit life expectancy. Significant applications include:

Molding of agglomerated mixes

Crushing of practically any material

Reusing activities

Revamping of off-spec items

These mallet mills are ideal for an assortment of items, including:

Farming items

Biomass materials

Earthenware production


Synthetic substances

Food handling fixings




Mash and paper


Significant FEATURES

Significant highlights of Prater Full-Screen Hammer Mills include:

Sturdy, hard core creation intended for unrivaled activity and long life expectancy

100% of screen used for most extreme proficiency

An assortment of mallet sizes, examples, and screen openings accessible to tailor boundaries for every application

Adjusted HP to evaluate region for greatest force productivity

Even, accuracy adjusted, and reversible rotors

Solid cushion block bearings upgrade unit life expectancy

Inflexible edge screen mounting for uniform mallet to-screen freedom

Remarkable casing track intended for simple screen evacuation and trade without instruments

Enormous access entryways make cleaning and upkeep straightforward and speedy

Tempered steel and clean plan accessible

Discretionary wear liners and wear-safe mallets for grating items

Functional THEORY

The Prater Full-Screen Hammer Mill uses a uniquely molded pounding chamber planned with particular granulate and-delivery zones. Coarse crude item is taken care of into the chamber, utilizing a rotational feeder or screw, via an item bay at the highest point of the unit. Rapid sledges sway coarse material against fixed slicing plates fixed to the highest point of the pre-pound chamber. Contact with the cutting plates diminishes the speed of the material and guides it into the mallet way for greatest effect speed differential. Screen-to-pound leeway is limited at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions to enhance sway. As material advances toward the lower part of the chamber, hammer-to-screen leeway increments toward the 6 o’clock position to assist with deceleration and departure of completely adapted particles through the estimating screen. A movable diverter framework keeps incomplete item from returning the bay and item feed stream. Completed item is released by means of a container underneath the mill where a mechanical transport or pneumatic framework can be used to eliminate the ground material. Prater gives a full stock of mallets, screens, and other pounding components that are accessible to fulfill practically any crushing application.

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