Insurances in the utilization of channel presses

What are the washing types of the channel plate of the channel press?

(1) Open-stream non-launderable: This structure has just one middle feed channel, and the material enters each channel chamber through the feed channel from the feed opening on the plug plate, and the filtrate is released from the release opening of each channel plate through the channel medium. It is reasonable for general filtration and enjoys the benefits of quick filtration speed and instinctive filtration impact.
  (2) Concealed stream isn’t launderable: this type of channel press has a fluid release divert notwithstanding the feed channel. The filtrate of each channel plate is released together through this channel. This structure is reasonable for materials that are dirtied, harmful, unstable and don’t need washing.
  (3) Open-stream launderable: notwithstanding the delta channel, there is additionally a bay direct for washing fluid in this structure. The separating part is equivalent to the open-stream non-launderable part. After filtration, the washing activity is done.
  (4) Dark stream launderable: There is a dim stream single direction washing and a dull stream two-way cross washing. This type of channel press feeds and washing fluid similarly as the open stream launderable, just the fluid release is unique. The fluid from each channel plate is released together through the release channel. This structure is reasonable for dirtied, harmful, unstable and launderable materials.

How to pick the channel fabric for the channel press?

  The decision of channel fabric is vital and assumes a critical part in the filtration interaction. The exhibition of the channel fabric straightforwardly influences the impact of filtration. The client relies upon the genuine filtration necessities. When cutting the channel material, the opening distance and gap size should be precise, the gap can’t be too little, any other way it will obstruct the feed opening; the nylon clasp on the channel fabric ought to be equitably organized, and the channel material ought to be cut with unique devices, for example, a patching iron, to stay away from the channel fabric falling off the line.

What things are remembered for the investigation of the entire filter press company machine of the channel press?

  1) Wipe the water driven station and electric control bureau clean, check whether the water powered station is accurately introduced with each oil pipe, regardless of whether the electric control bureau is accurately wired, and whether all electrical wiring is right.
  2) Clean the edge, channel plate and wipe them clean, check whether the channel plate is organized perfectly and accurately; check whether the channel fabric is introduced with or without collapsing, provided that this is true, it should be fanned out.
  3) Check whether the design of pipelines and valves for taking care of, washing and blowing is right and sensible.

What are the security related issues of the channel press?

  1) Check the functioning state of different instruments often and fix or supplant them on schedule assuming that anomalies are found.
  2) Strictly follow the pertinent substance of the safety measures, day by day upkeep and fix, and channel press shortcoming fix techniques, and forbid the sifting activity of different instruments under strange conditions.
  (3) The functioning strain of the oil chamber is for the most part around 25Mpa, and the greatest tension of the test pressure is 31.5Mpa, yet it is totally illegal to work for quite a while at more than 28Mpa, and it is totally taboo to work at more than 31.5Mpa.

What are the arrangements before the trial of the channel press?

  1) Adequate slurry, air and water sources ought to be ready to meet the trial conditions.
  (2) For clients who need to test and assess the channel slurry, proficient research center faculty and the necessary lab hardware and reagents ought to be given.
  (3) Equipped with 1-2 upkeep laborers and a few administrators.
  (4) Equipped with general instruments, like little jacks, live spanners, hammers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, pipe spanners, hexagonal spanners, and so on, and a limited quantity of oil, ointments, cotton yarn and other helper materials for use.

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